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photogenic_x's Journal

Can you make the cut?
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Welcome to photogenic_x. We are a harsh rating community that judges on looks. We will not be auto-accepting because we want only the best.

1. You must be atleast 16 years old to apply, unless you are givin a special invite by a mod.

2. Please make sure all applications and picture posts are behind and lj-cut. If you do not follow this, your post will just simply be deleted.

3. Please make all posts FRIENDS ONLY.

4. If you are asked for a salute you must present one within a day or you will be automatically rejected.

5. If you are a stamped member always put stamped// as the subject.

6. No promotions in here what so ever. I will make a page for that as soon as we get more members.

7. If you are not active you will be removed.

8. All new applicants put "new" as the subject and bouncy as the mood

9. Each month I will tally up the points everyone earned and the most active member will be the member of the month.

10. Don't argue with the mods, we're always right anyway.

To keep our community fun and active we will have a points system. You need to earn atleast 50 Points each month, whidch shouldnt be that hard with all the activities we have.

NEW members do not have to earn points for the month that they join.

Monthly and Overall points will be located on the members page next to your username.

How to earn points

5 points
-Each time you promote the community and show us the links.
-For participating in "Guess the song" + 5 POINTS/per correct guess
-Text post

10 points
-Participating in the superlatives
-Participating in the scavenger hunt
-Participating in the color game
-Participating in the letter game
-Participating in the top ten
-Picture Post

15 points
-Participating in cyber shopping
-Participating in the LIVE scavenger hunt

20 points
-Participating in the monthly theme
-Winning a superlative
-Participating in the community discussion

25 points
-Participating in "dress up"
-Winning "guess who/what"
-Making a banner for the community
-Making a community salute

30 points
-Winning cyber shopping

35 points
-Winning "dress up"

40 points
-Winning the monthly theme

Use up your points!

700 POINTS = Kick someone out of the community
500 POINTS = Make your vote worth 3 votes (permanent)
500 POINTS = Make your vote worth 2 votes (permanent)
300 POINTS = Auto Accept
300 POINTS = Auto Reject

If you earn 1000 points you will become a permanant member. Your vote will also count as 2.

Text Theme
Points for participating: 15
This weeks theme: coming soon..

Picture Theme
Points for participating: 20
Points for winning: 40

This months theme: coming soon..

Dress up
Every month we will have a dressup theme. Then we will vote on who was the best.
Points for participating: 25
Points for winning: 35
This weeks category: coming soon..

Points for participating: 10
Points for Winning: 20
This months superlative: coming soon..

Guess that song
Guess the name of the song and artist by the line of lyrics given. 5 points for every correct answer.
coming soon..

Scavenger hunt
Find a list of items online
Points for participating: 10
This weeks list: coming soon..

LIVE scavenger hunt
Find a list of items around your house and take a picture with you in it.
Points for participating: 15
This weeks list: coming soon..

Color theme
Show us some pictures of you with the chosen color, or some of your favorite things that color.
Points for participating: 10
This weeks color: Coming soon..

Letter game
Show us pictures of you with something that starts with the chosen letter.
Points for participating: 10
This weeks letter: coming soon..

Top Ten
Each week we will post a topic and you will have to list your top ten of that topic.
Points for participating: 10
This weeks top ten: comings soon..

Make a post about your opinion of the weeks chosen topic.
Points for participating: 20
This weeks topic: coming soon..

Cyber Shopping
Every week you will be givin a certain amount of money and a certain event to buy clothes for and you cannot go over your budget.
Points for participating: 15
Points for Winning 30
This weeks topic: coming soon..

CREDIT: All banners by __iiicons